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Bait Caster Rod & Reel Case
Here on Oregon's South Coast you can't help from noticing both bank and drift boaters working with a long handled level wind. Close inspection of this rod and reel reveal it to be a beautiful work. To protect this instrument, we designed a case with a semi-rigid foam box (4# 1/2" foam) and a two zipper foam-filled flap for easy insertion and removal. Placing a 3/4" foam pad on the tip prevents rod splitting if it were to bottom out. The adjustable handle strap detaches at one end and is long enough to secure to the boat in rough conditions.

Bait Caster R&R Cases

(Fits Calcutta 400)
(For 2.5" cases over 63" add $1.03 per inch)

16" Handle 2.5 PVC


Spin Rod & Reel Case
Designed to shield fragile high guides and low hanging spin reels from knocks, scrapes, and falls. Large diameter PVC pipe (2.5-3") is fully lined to prevent scrapes. The reel box is padded with 4# 1/2" stiff foam and shaped to fit the configuration of your reel. The zipper flap closes with two zippers allowing extra padding for the bottom of the reel and clearance to insert and remove your rod. Additionally the tip of the case is padded with 3/4" of foam to prevent rod splitting if it were to bottom out. Big zippers, tough fabric, best foam; all the components you'd want if you were designing this case. Made to last a lifetime - or two.

Spin R&R Cases


NW Steelhead and Salmon Long Handle 2.5"
NW Steelhead and Salmon Long Handle 3"
Bass Medium Handle 2.5"
Bass Medium Handle 3"
Trout Short Handle 2.5"
Trout Short Handle 3"
Optional Zip Off Toe Cap (for drying)


(These prices are for 2 & 3 piece rods under 59".
For cases over 63" add $1.03 per inch for 2.5" pipe
and $1.25 per inch for 3" pipe.)